Prioritize Public Safety 

  • Provide Police & Fire the resources necessary to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all
  • Increase funding to ensure Traffic Safety and enforcement throughout the city
  • Implement and enforce the Pedestrian Safety Plan

Ensure the Efficient Delivery of City Services

  • Be more responsive to city residents and businesses
  • Update the Facilities Master Plan for all City-owned Facilities to provide a clear vision and guide for the creation of an accurate and realistic Capital Improvement Plan that will fund the modernization and maintenance of city assets. 
  • Allocate funding to support the modernization of administrative support systems, and staff training and development to ensure an efficient delivery of services for our residents and businesses.
  • Emerge stronger after COVID by supporting small business, a thriving high-tech environment and making necessary infrastructure improvements.

Protect and Enhance the Quality of Life in All Our Residential Neighborhoods

  • Monitor and respond to State Legislation regarding single family neighborhoods.
  • Champion smart and balanced housing.
  • Develop more parks and open space to improve the health of our neighborhoods.
  • Close the Digital Divide by building coalitions to ensure that all residents have access to technology and Broadband services by assisting them to secure available state and federal subsidies and city services.

Advance Sustainability for Us and Future Generations

  • Update and expand our Greener Glendale Plan and integrate into Procurement policies of each department.
  • Implement Renewable Energy Alternatives, such as solar technology and electrification at every feasible opportunity.
  • Develop and fund a sustainable solution to the Grayson Power Plant.
  • Ensure 100% renewable energy sources by 2035.

Promote Transparency and Accountability in Government

  • Redesign our web site to more easily find major documents that provide direction for our city in a consistent and easily understandable format, such as the Glendale General Plan, the Strategic Plan, the Facilities Master Plan, the Annual Budget, and the Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Assess the progress of each element of Glendale’s General Plan and develop, with public input an updated strategic plan for a premiere city.